The third scientific workshop
presented by the 22nd URSI-C in Japan

Session title:
"Speed Limit of Electron Devices"

1. Convener: Yasuo Ohno (The University of Tokushima)

2. Date/time: 13:00 - 17:20, June 1, 2012

3. Venue: Kagoshima University, Korimoto Campus (Kagoshima, Japan)

4. Registration fee: Free

5. Listed attendees: 95 persons

6. Local arrangement: Kenjiro Nishikawa (Kagoshima University)

7. Session title: "Speed Limit of Electron Devices"

8. Presentation:
  • 13:00 - 13:10 "Opening Talk", Prof. Masahiro Morikura URSI-C-Japan, Chair
  • 13:10 - 14:00 "Progress and Application of High-speed III-V Semiconductor Devices", Dr. Hideaki Matsuzaki (NTT Photonics Laboratories)
  • 14:00 - 14:50 "Present Status and Future Prospects of High-Speed GaN Electron Devices", Dr. Toshihide Kikkawa(Fujitsu Laboratories)
  • 14:50 - 15:20 Intermission
  • 15:20 - 16:10 "Device Technologies for Terahertz Applications", Prof. Tadao Nagatsuma (Osaka University)
  • 16:10 - 17:00 "LNA Performance for Millimeter-wave Passive Imaging Camera", Prof. Koji Mizuno (Tohoku University)
  • 17:00 Closing
9.Reception and Lamp Session at : Hotel Welview Kagoshima (Kagoshima, Japan)

10.Steering committee meeting: June 2(Sat) 8:00〜8:50 at Hotel Welview Kagoshima

11. Concluding Remarks
The workshop was held in the volcanic-ashes falling typical in Kagoshima. Dr. Matsuzaki reported the present InGaAs channel devices for 300GHz application and the new technologies for future THz applications. Dr. Kikkawa presented on the millimeter-wave application of GaN devices, which is now being developed for power devices. Prof. Nagatsuma reported the terahertz signal generation by semiconductor devices using the beat of two laser lights and explained its applications. Prof. Mizuno presented on 35GHz band millimeter-wave camera and the needs of high performance semiconductor devices.
As the semiconductor technology matures, uncertainty spreads in its future development and applications. However, all the presentations indicated the possibility of the millimeter and terahertz range applications which are not yet developed.