The fifth scientific workshop presented by the 20th URSI-C in Japan

1. Convener: Dr. Mitoshi Fujimoto, University of Fukui

2. Date/time: 13:00 - 17:00, 23-May-2008

3. Venue: Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT), Ishikawa, Japan

4. Registration fee: Free

5. Listed attendees: 26 persons

6. Local arrangement: Dr. Keisuke Noguchi (KIT), Dr. Mitoshi Fujimoto (Univ. Fukui)

7. Session title: “Radio Waves and Array Signal Processing ”

8. Presentation: 55 min including Q&A for each speaker

  1. Opening Talk, Prof. Komaki, URSI-C-Japan, Chair and Prof. Toru Sato, URSI-B-Japan, Chair
  2. "Evolution on 3G mobile system - 3G LTE," Dr. Sadayuki Abeta, NTT DoCoMo.
  3. "EM wave propagation estimation in urban area and its visualization," Prof Hiroshi Shirai, Chuo University.
  4. "MIMO technologies: implementation and another application," Dr. Takeo Ohgane, Hokkaido University.
  5. "On Non-periodical Array Antenna," Dr. Takashi Katagi, Mitsubishi Electric.

9. Reception and Lamp Session at Kanaya, Yuwaku-cho, Ichikawa, Japan.

10. The steering committee meeting took place from 08:30 to 10:00 on 24-May-2008.

11. Concluding Remarks

The workshop was held as a joint session of URSI-B Japan and URSI-C Japan. We had interesting four talks about 3G mobile system, EM propagation in urban area, Prospect of MIMO technology and Architecture for non-periodical array. In the lamp session, we deeply discussed on a scheme for exchange of researchers between different technical areas.

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