International Council for Science, is responsible for stimulating and co-ordinating, on an international basis, studies, research, applications, scientific exchange, and communication in the fields of radio science. Included within the objectives are the following:
  • a) To encourage and promote international activity in radio science and its applications, for the benefit of humanity;
  • b) To encourage the adoption of common methods of measurement, and the intercomparison and standardisation of the measuring instruments used in scientific work;
  • c) To stimulate and co-ordinate studies of:
    • the scientific aspects of telecommunications using electromagnetic waves, guided and unguided;
    • the generation, emission, radiation, propagation, reception, and detection of fields and waves, and the processing of the signals embedded in them.
  • d) To represent radio science to the general public, and to public and private organisations.

The Japanese National Committee for URSI is a committee of the Science Council of Japan, and it consists of 10 commissions corresponding to those of URSI.

AElectromagnetic Metrology
BFields and Waves
CSignals and Systems
DElectronics and Photonics
EElectromagnetic Noise and Interference
FWave Propagation and Remote Sensing
GIonospheric Radio and Propagation
HWaves in Plasmas
JRadio Astronomy
KElectromagnetics in Biology and Medicine

Commission C, Japan National Committee of URSI

The theme of our committee is: Radio Signal and Systems

Committee Members

ChairNoriharu SuematsuTohoku University
Vice-chairMitoshi FujimotoUniversity of Fukui
Chief SecretarySatoshi TsukamotoTohoku University
Secretary (AP)Takuji ArimaTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Secretary (MW/WPT)Yasunori SuzukiNTT docomo, Inc.
Secretary (RCS)Yukitoshi SanadaKeio University
Vice SecretaryYuji MiyakeMitsubishi Electric Corp.
Science Council of Japan coodination member

Kiyomichi ArakiTokyo Institute of Technology

Hiroshi HaradaKyoto University
Former ChairMakoto TaromaruFukuoka University

Fumiyuki AdachiTohoku University

Kenji ItoKanazawa Institute of Technology

Takashi OhiraToyohashi University of Technology

Nobuyoshi KikumaNagoya Institute of Technology

Koji MizunoTohoku University

Masahiro MorikuraKyoto University

Toshiyuki YakabeThe University of Electro-Communications
AP, MW/WPTSatoshi YoshidaRyukoku University
APKoshiro KitaoNTT docomo, Inc.
APKengo NishimotoMitsubishi Electric Corp.
MW/WPTKensuke OkuboOkayama Prefectural University
MW/WPTTakao KukiKokushikan University
MW/WPTJunji SatoPanasonic Corp.
RCSSatoshi Denno Okayama University
RCSAkio HasegawaAdvanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
RCSTetsuya YamamotoPanasonic Corp.
SSC/EDMinoru FujishimaHiroshima University
SSC/EDHiroyuki ItoTokyo Institute of Technology
Public RelationsShinichi OgushiCQ Publishing Co., Ltd.

International Events Sponsored by URSI/URSI-C

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