The 7th scientific workshop presented by the 19th URSI-C in Japan

1.    Convener: Mr. Toru Maniwa, Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.

2.    Date/time: 13:50 -17:00, Sept. 2nd, 2005

3.    Venue: Seminar room of Eudyna Devices Inc. Yamanashi Plant (Nakakomagun, Yamanashi, Japan)

4.    Registration fee: Free

5.    Listed attendees: 39 persons

6.    Local arrangement: Eudyna Devices Inc.

7.    Session title: gRadio Waves and Compound Semiconductor Devicesh

8.    Presentation: 60 min including Q&A for each speaker and brake.

(a) gDawn of HEMTsh
        Speaker: Dr. Takashi MIMURA, Fujitsu Labs. LTD.

(b) gWin the Fruits with III-Vsh
        Speaker: Mr. Shigeru Nakajima, Eudyna Devices Inc.

(c) gSpace-Borne GaAs MMICsh
       Speaker: Dr. Takashi Ohira, ATR Wave Engineering Laboratories

9.    Banquet

        Venue: Yumura-yanagiya, Kofu, Japan

        Attendees: 17 persons

10.    The steering committee meeting took place from 8:50 to 9:50 on Sept. 3rd, 2005.

11.    Concluding Remarks

This workshop was entitled "Radio wave and compound device", and the radio wave application of the compound semiconductor transistor was presented especially. The relation between the person and the corporate strategy to spread the technology as a product is talked about besides a technical story of the device. Technology trend of high-voltage device and low-voltage device was told. And some of practical application for satellite was presented. The person who related to various processes of the device participated in the workshop. At the banquet, the relation between the device technology and the crystal production in the Yamanashi area became a topic and it was interesting.