The 5th scientific workshop presented by the 19th URSI-C in Japan

1.        Convener: Dr. Noirharu Suematsu, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

2.        Date/time: 13:30 -17:00, January 28, 2004

3.        Venue: Room 24-401, Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Ishikawa, Japan)

4.        Registration fee: Free

5.        Listed attendees: 25 persons

6.        Local arrangement: Betsudan Lab., Kanazawa Institute of Technology @

7.        Session title: gRadio Waves in Space Science and Engineeringh

8.        Presentation: 60 min including Q&A for each speaker

(a) gHistorical review of antenna R&D for satellites, earth stations and radio @ astronomical observatoriesh
Speaker: Prof. Motoo Mizusawa, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

(b) gSpace and earth observation with millimeter-wave and sub-millimeter-waveh
Speaker: Prof. Junji Inatani, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

(c) gHistorical review and prospect of satellite communicationsh
Speaker: Prof. Fumio Takahata, Waseda University

9.        Reception

Venue: Hotel Tawaraya gShirasagi-yuh, Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikawa, Japan

Attendees: 19 persons

10.    The steering committee meeting took place from 9:00 to 11:00 on January 29, 2005.

11.    Concluding Remarks

(a)    This scientific workshop was organized based on the key concept of gRadio Waves in Space Science and Engineering.h Three invited speakers gave us technical and historical reviews of various R&D for satellites / earth stations / radio observatories.  During the session, we had a very active discussion on future vision of space development programs in Japan. The meeting was very successful with 25 attendees. 

(b)    Since the Q&A was very active and the time slot was limited, the last speaker could not have enough time for his presentation.