The 2nd scientific workshop presented by the 19th URSI-C in Japan

1.        Reporter: Dr. Yukihiro Kamiya, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

2.        Date/time: 10h45 - 16h00, 28 May, 2004

3.        Venue: Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan)

4.        Registration fee: Free

5.        Listed attendees: 79 persons

6.        Local arrangement: Mizuno Lab., Sawaya Lab., and Adachi Lab.

7.        Session title: gONKOCHISHIN, attempts to discover new electro-magnetic technology by studying the past through scrutiny of the oldh

8.        Presentation: 60 min, Q&A: 30 min. for each speaker

(a) gNumerical Analysis and Evaluations of Antennas for Mobile Communication Systemsh

Speaker: Prof. Kunio Sawaya, Tohoku University

(b) gThe History of R&D at Sendai: From YAGI Antenna to Optical Fibersh

Speaker: Dr. Ken Sudou, President, Semiconductor Research Institute, on behalf of Dr. Junfichi Nishizawa, President, Iwate Prefectural University

(c) gTechnical Challenges Towards Future Mobile Communication Systemsh

              Speaker: Prof. Fumiyuki Adachi, Tohoku University

9.        Reception

Venue: Hotel gSAKANh, Sendai, Japan

Attendees: 20 persons

10.        The steering committee meeting took place from 9h00 to 12h00 on 29 May,2004.

11.    Concluding Remarks

(a)    This scientific workshop was organized based on the keyword gONKOCHISHINh, meaning in Chinese that attempts to discover new things by studying the past through scrutiny of the old. As this keyword implies, lectures included in this workshop lied on various aspects of telecommunication technology from the history of R&D on electro-magnetism to the latest topic towards the future mobile communication systems.

(b)    Q&A slots over 30 minutes following each lecture for Q&A animated quite intensive discussions.