The 11th scientific workshop presented by the 19th URSI-C in Japan

1.        Convener: Dr. Hiroyoshi Yamada, Niigata University

2.        Date/time: 13h00 - 17h30, 25 August, 2006

3.        Venue: Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Niigata University (Niigata, Japan)

4.        Registration fee: Free

5.        Listed attendees: 40 persons

6.       Session title: gRadio Waves and Energy

7.        Presentation: 60 min including Q&A for each speaker

(a) gResearch Trends in Passive RFIDh

Speaker: Prof. Jin Mitsugi, Keio University

(b) gResearch Trends in Active RFIDh

Speaker: Dr. Masashi Shimizu, NTT

(c) gThe 3rd usage of Radio waves - Microwave Power Transmission -- h

              Speaker: Prof. Naoki Shinohara, Kyoto University

(d) gSignal Processings in Solar Power Satellite Systemh

              Speaker:Prof. Kozo Hashimoto, Kyoto University

8.   Reception

Venue: Hotel Fujiya, Iwamuro-Onsen (Hot Spring), Niigata, Japan

Attendees: 13 persons

9.        The steering committee meeting took place from 9h00 to 10h00 on 26 August, 2006

10.      Ramp session was also held where Tohru Maniwa, Fujitsu Labo,
demonstrated a span-new FRID product and handy spectrum analyzer.

11.    Concluding Remarks

This eleventh scientific workshop was entitled "Radio Waves and Energy". A diverse range of applications from passive/active RFID and microwave power transmissions including solar power satellite system were presented by the front-line researchers in the field, and there was a fruitful gathering of participants. Intensive discussions on this field of radio wave applications were held with discerning questions, and the meeting was a big success. At the banquet, demonstrations of the RFID system were presented by Dr. Maniwa. All participants had discussed on RFID systems including their frequency allocation policy late at night and it was interesting.