The 1st scientific workshop presented by the 19th URSI-C in

i) Reporter: Dr. Kenji Itoh

ii) Workshop date/time: 1PM - 4PM, January 30th, 2004
iii) Workshop place: Mobile Terminal Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (
Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan)

iv) Local arrangement: Dr. Kenji Itoh, Mitsubishi Electric Co.

v) Registration fee: Free

vi) Listed attendees: 79 persons

vii) Session title: Towards future radio systems

viii) Presentation: 40 min, Q&A: 10 min.
(a) MMW imaging techniques: Visible world with MMW sensors

Speaker: Prof. Koji Mizuno (Tohoku Univ.)

(b) Analog smart antenna: Expected function for IT world

Speaker: Dr. Takashi Ohira (ATR)

(c) Digital TV techniques in mobile cellular phones: Technical challenges

              Speaker: Prof. Minoru Okada (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
ix) Reception

Place: Kosen-kaku, Arima-spa, Kobe, Hyogo Attendees: 15 persons

x) We had the steering committee meeting from 9AM to 12AM in January 31st, 2004.

xii) Conclusion by the local arrangement

(a) This scientific workshop is organized with the objective of gmigration of different research regions dedicated for radio systems h. Based on the objective, speakers for the MMW imaging, the next generation radio communication and the digital TV were invited for this workshop. The workshop was very successful with 79 attendees and very tight discussions for future radio techniques. As the objective, cross-functional discussions were done on several research regions (AP:Antenna and Propagation, MW:MicroWave,and RCS: Radio Communication Systems).

(b) For keeping the good direction of the discussion as in this scientific workshop, following criteria is agreed in the steering committee:

- Main topic/concept should be decided for each workshop,

- Based on the topic/concept, speakers are invited from the technical region of AP/MW/RCS.